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Reliable Estimates, Comprehensive Planning, Smooth Performance, and a Solid Project. 

We hear it again and again. And, it never gets old. At Precision Concrete, we've developed a proven process that works. You may get exhausted by all the up-front questions. You may even hear questions you've never considered. It's all part of the comprehensive approach Precision Concrete takes well before arriving on the job site.

Precise bid information, including clear quantities—you'll know how the estimate was completed; no surprises later; nothing missed

 Up-front planning—a clearly identified scope of work; expedite a job quickly with few questions

⦁ Project scheduling—we show up on time and meet tight deadlines; we even turn around project paperwork quickly

⦁ Experts on-site—experienced project superiors, skilled foremen, and dedicated crews; field work is out passion

⦁ Clear communication—from start to finish and beyond; we're all connected: the field crew, our office, and you


Delivering much more than just concrete:

⦁ Professionalism and respect  ⦁ Prompt service  ⦁ Quick turnaround  ⦁ Accurate quotes  ⦁ Clear communication

Premier Structural Concrete and Masonry licensed contractor, specializing in Elevated Podium Decks for both Residential and Commercial use

  • Typical Slab on Grade.

  • CIP Walls Elevated Beams.

  • CIP Water Tanks.

  • Grade & Tie Beams.

  • Pits.

  • CMU Walls & Columns.

  • Extra-large Building Slabs with conventional & super

  • flat Floors.

  • Driven and Poured in Place Caissons.

  • Mat Slabs.

  • Shotcrete Walls.

  • Taxiways.

  • Runways.

  • Cast-in-place Walls & Columns.

  • All types of False work and Forming.

  • Subterranean, Above Grade & Stand-Alone Parking Structures.

  • All Masonry & reinforcement associated with our work.